Dil Say Football: Independence Day Friendly Football Tournament held

The South Youth Soccer Academy and the Pakistan Football Federation teamed up for a wonderful Independence Day Friendly Football Tournament on August 13, 2023. With the cheerful theme “Dil Say Football,” the event captured the unity and spirit of our country. Young talents came together for exciting matches in the Mixed U-14 Girls and Boys category.

This celebration wasn’t just about football. It aimed to teach important values, create friendships and inspire our youth. The goal was simple: celebrate Pakistan Day and encourage teamwork, friendship, and self-confidence in our young athletes.

As the sun rose that special day, the sound of our National Anthem filled the air, making everyone feel proud of our country. Maryam Qasim, a women referee, joined us. Her presence highlighted our commitment to making football inclusive for everyone.

The highlight of the event was the cake-cutting ceremony where the happiness on the faces of the young participants was a sight to behold. Thanks to the Pakistan Football Federation, everyone got special t-shirts that added to the excitement and sense of togetherness.

The league matches were intense and exciting. Teams like the South Youth Soccer Academy, The Learning Vista Community Club, Metroville, and Diya
FC showed incredible enthusiasm and skill. Beyond the scores, something wonderful was happening – a strong sense of friendship and unity.

We were honored to have special guests join us, adding prestige to the event. Ms. Rukhsar Rashid, the Founder and President of the South Youth Soccer Academy, led the way with inspiration. Sadia Sheikh, President of Diya FC, Naila Sheikh Vice President and Coordinator Chinee Gull were also present, embodying the heart of our collective effort. Prize Distribution was done by Mr. and Mrs.Fahim Qureshi Controller Sindh Govt Press.

These amazing individuals expressed their gratitude for the PFF Academy accelerator program, which recognizes academies and opens doors for future opportunities.

In conclusion, the Independence Day Friendly Football Tournament was more than just a sports event. It was a celebration of our strength, togetherness, and the enduring spirit of our youth. As the day ended, the echoes of laughter, cheers and the sound of cleats served as a reminder that beyond the games what truly matters are the connections we make and the values we uphold.

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