Donald Trump determined to destroy America: Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has strongly criticized former US President Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again (MAGA) Republican supporters, accusing them of attempting to undermine the country’s democracy and institutions. Biden, 80, did not spare Trump’s allies in Congress, labeling them extremists in a recent interview. He described the MAGA Republican movement as a significant threat, emphasizing that Trump is desperate to regain power.

In his latest remarks, Biden expressed concern about Trump’s tactics, stating that he is using alarming language and strategies to secure his position. Biden asserted that Trump and his MAGA Republicans are actively working to destroy American democracy and criticized extremists in Congress who share this agenda. He pointed out that democracies face threats not just from violence, but also from silence and lack of condemnation against attacks on democracy.

While Biden refrained from commenting on Trump’s ongoing criminal indictments, he did not shy away from highlighting the risks the country would face in a potential second Trump term. Biden criticized Republicans for their silence in the face of Trump’s accusations against top military officers and condemned hardline Trump-allied Republicans for pushing the country towards a government shutdown.

Biden expressed his concerns about the future of democracy, both in the United States and globally. He refrained from giving a direct opinion on Trump’s disqualification, citing differing views among constitutional scholars. Biden emphasized the danger posed by MAGA Republicans who, if they gain power, could threaten the rule of law and institutions like the FBI.

Some voters in the US have expressed unease about Biden seeking a second term, especially given his age—he would be 86 by the end of a potential second term. Despite this, Biden stressed the importance of safeguarding democracy, not only for the US but for the entire free world.

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