FBR refuses to extend tax return submission date

Despite repeated requests from traders, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) refused to extend the date for filing tax returns.

A spokesman for the FBR said all commercial banks would be open to taxpayers until 9pm tonight.

All FBR field offices will also be open to taxpayers until 10 p.m.

The spokesman said taxpayers can also file online income tax returns by 12 midnight.

Today is the last date for submission of tax returns and only 1.3 million returns have been submitted.

The country’s business community and tax experts are asking the government to extend the filing date, but the board’s message is that no further extensions will be granted.

President Karachi Chamber Sharq Vehra has written a letter to the Prime Minister for extension of the statement date instead of Chairman FBR, saying that it is not normal because of Corona, a people friendly decision should be taken in difficult times.

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