Government should end inflation, not the opposition

By: Abdul Waheed Faiz

Words keep staring at confused speakers. The meanings are exiled. Meaningless conversation is going viral. Big and small rubbish enjoy expressions. Learning from history is considered offensive. My experiences, my observations have not been noticeable. Technology is the latest and fastest. Our behavior is the oldest, the slowest. Corollary: Society is paralyzed. Pakistani society is currently hanging in the language of computers. The majority has considered it their destiny. Prime Minister Imran Khan should be thankful to the PDM for removing his vanity letter and giving him a respite till January 31. However, he has said that Imran Khan should stay in government even for a moment. Dangerous for the country. These 48 days can certainly be historic. Also for PDM. But Imran Khan can benefit more. The PDM would like to maintain the tempo by holding small rallies these days. But history students know that the Lahore meeting has broken the tempo that has grown from Multan. What happened to PDM is what happened to Imran Khan. Imran raised the expectations of how loud claims were made between 2013 and 2018 without presenting the ground realities. Now that the facts have come out, all expectations have been dashed. People became so frustrated. Maryam Nawaz raised her hopes for the Lahore meeting. Imran Khan will be forced to resign. The puppet government will go away. The meeting went far beyond expectations. People didn’t come because of Corona or for some other reason. The government planted containers or stopped buses. People from Lahore could come in large numbers. People also came from other cities and provinces. The announcement was made from the stage. Despite participants from all over the country, the venue could not be filled. PDM member PPP leader and Sindh government’s Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the participants were more than one lakh. While Maryam Nawaz is saying millions. Millions in the auditorium. Behind the millions of halls. This condition is worth reading on millions of roads. The PDMs are assuring themselves that the meeting was a great success. The government is trying to convince itself that the meeting was a complete failure. No one’s own flaws. Don’t want to look at mistakes.

Neither the government nor the opposition is doing anything. The first priority is to bring stability to the country by ending chaos and anarchy. City town Villagers are shouting that a system is needed to make people’s lives easier. The requirements are met by the rule.

I have been observing for decades. That the people are more aware than our ruling classes. صابر۔ They are thankful and organized. Whenever they have been given the opportunity of free and fair elections and the candidates in front have been able to do so, they have voted for those who have the pain of the people. At the moment, the opposition sincerely wants anarchy. This is not the real opposition. These are people who want to stay in power. Who have lost their seats this time. Even in the opposition, all privileges and powers were available. For the first time, they are away from these concessions. So they want to play. Don’t want to play The government is doing a good job. Instead of passing on their fruits to the people, the government has considered answering the allegations of the opposition. She adds to the chaos through her spokespersons throughout the day.

What should I do in such a situation? Let the people take control of their own power. Now don’t let any party use your shoulder. The storm of inflation can be stopped. Civilized societies have succeeded in doing so. Consult at your local level. Understand the problems. Mosques can be very suitable for such consultation. Make a group of two or three streets together. Buy essentials together at the vegetable market and then come and distribute according to the number of houses in the neighborhood. Financially, it will make a big difference. Meat, etc., can also be cheapened collectively. Buy animals. Slaughter yourself. Make your own parts. Shopkeepers This is how the lucrative profits of supermarkets can be repelled. Supermarkets instead of small shops for profit. Super store Using online shopping tactics. Resist it with your unity and solidarity.

They take advantage of modern technology. This advanced technology can also come in handy. Create WhatsApp group. Retired government employees in these neighborhoods. Professors. Secretary. Soldiers live. Their experience can make things easier. Syed Irtiqa Ahmad Zaidi, a distressed Pakistani who retired from the post of Joint Secretary and is also the author of the book. He says inflation is by no means a political issue. There is an economic question. It is a matter of supply and demand. The solution was first issued in the form of a ration card. Utility stores were introduced after the 70’s. In the beginning there were also utility cards and everything could be purchased up to a certain limit. Utility stores were also funded. But the system was corrupted. Shopkeepers also buy goods from utility stores. Utility store employees. Officers are all involved in the destruction of its original purpose. Utility card to be restored. Only allow your family to buy things according to their needs. I think this is a very good suggestion.

The government has launched a laudable scheme for low-income people, such as millions of homes. In the same way, for the cheap supply of daily necessities to the low-income Pakistanis, immediately organize this process. If Imran Khan does this in 48 days. Then, even if they want to resign after fulfilling the PDM’s order, the people will take to the streets against this resignation.

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