How much will the corona vaccine cost?

The good news for the world is that many vaccines for the global epidemic corona virus are now becoming widely available.

In this regard, US companies have spread all over the world, while Russia and China have also claimed that their vaccines are more than 90% effective and have also started manufacturing these vaccines on a large scale.
In this regard, the first company to claim the development of the corona vaccine is the American company Pfizer, which has developed this vaccine in collaboration with the German company BioN Tech.

Pfizer has also formally requested that the United States and the European Union approve the widespread use of its vaccine, and that England has become the first country to approve it and will begin vaccination next week.
Various countries have already ordered millions of dollars for Pfizer to produce millions of doses of the vaccine. Pakistan has also decided to allocate 150 150 million (over Rs. 24 billion) for the corona vaccine, but the question is how much will the vaccine be available to the common man?

According to the American magazine Forbes, the price of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and Bio-Tech is not as high as expected.

The company has set a 19.50 (approximately Rs. 3127) dose of the vaccine for the United States, and at the same price, the US government has awarded Pfizer a contract worth 1. 1.95 billion (over Rs. 143.73 billion). ۔

A minimum of two doses of the corona vaccine is required for a corona patient, so a single dose of the corona vaccine will cost a patient ڈالر 39 (Rs. 6,254).
In addition, another US company, Moderna, has developed a vaccine and has priced its single dose at 25 25 (Rs. 4,000), meaning a patient will have to pay دو 50 (over Rs. 8,000) for two doses. ۔

For Americans, the cost is not high, as the annual flu vaccine costs ڈالر 40 a year.

The government will decide how much the vaccine will be available in Pakistan. If the vaccine is imported from the United States, the price will be higher. However, if the vaccine is manufactured in Pakistan with the help of the United States, the price may be lower.
In addition, it is possible that Pakistan will also test a Chinese-made vaccine in Pakistan, which may cost less than the US vaccine.

Large-scale use of the vaccine in Pakistan is likely to take place in the second quarter of next year, which means that precautionary measures are not currently in place.

It is hoped that the vaccine will be effective in controlling the epidemic, but experts say that the success of any vaccine will depend on its widespread use. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time, with limited vaccine use making it difficult to obtain herd immunity and for the virus to persist and spread.

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