Indonesia quake kills at least 42

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake shook the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and left several houses in ruins.

Several buildings, including a hotel, the governor’s office, the local airport and a shopping mall, were damaged, officials said, adding that 42 people had been killed and hundreds injured.

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake shook the Indonesian island of Sulawesi this morning. The epicenter was reported at a depth of 18 km, 36 km from the city of Mamju.

The quake also caused landslides, cracks in the roads, and authorities have warned of strong aftershocks, while the death toll could rise further.

According to the foreign news agency, the tremors were so severe that dozens of buildings collapsed and bridges were destroyed while the power system was also disrupted.
According to media reports, the magnitude of the quake was 6.2 which caused the collapse of several hospital buildings as a result of which staff and patients were buried under the rubble.

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