Islamabad police introduced smart security method after closing the posts

Islamabad Police has introduced a smart method of security after removing check posts from the federal capital.

A video has also been released from the official Twitter account of Islam Police in this regard in which this modern method of security ‘Smart Stop and Search’ has been explained.

SP Islamabad Police Muhammad Omar Khan said in this regard that a new strategy for crime control has been launched in the federal capital in which there is a stop and search surprise point in each zone. Change and move to a new place.

“Every major road in Islamabad is checked to control crime, as well as to ensure the dignity of the people and to protect them,” he said. Designed to have 5 male constables and a lady constable who is checking.

SP Omar Khan said that the smart car of Islamabad Police is also present in the area during the check which is watching everything live and it is also being monitored from the Fed Safe City Command Center, as well as our Officers who have a handset can also monitor it.

SP Islamabad Police said that along with checking, we ensure that the people face the least difficulty and the police personnel have been instructed to check in such a way that the flow of traffic is affected. No special care should be taken for such vehicles which have families.

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