Journalist hanged in Iran for inciting anti-government protests

TEHRAN: Iran executes journalist accused of inciting anti-government protests

According to the Arab News Agency, journalist Ruhollah Zam was accused of aiding and abetting anti-government protests in 2017 through his website and channel and inciting them to protest, which further intensified the protests. ۔

Iranian state TV says journalist Rohullah Zam was hanged early Saturday morning.

Journalist Rohullah Zam was based in Paris and details of his detention have not yet been released.

However, according to foreign media, Rohullah Zam was arrested on his return to Iran in 2019 after many years of exile, and in June last year, a court indicted the journalist on charges of inciting unrest. He was also charged with espionage.

An Iranian court had sentenced the journalist to death in June, but a few days ago, Iran’s Supreme Court upheld Rohullah’s death sentence, after which the accused was hanged on Saturday.

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