‘Iranian Angelina Jolie’ sentenced to 10 years in prison

TEHRAN: Iranian girl Sehar Tabar has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly trying to impersonate Hollywood star Angelina Jolie after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Sehar Tabar has been accused of inciting Iranian youth to violence on social media, encouraging corruption among the youth and earning money from illegal sources.
Fatima Khoishvand, a 23-year-old Iranian girl known as Sahar Tabar on Instagram.

Sehar Tabar is thought to have become popular on social media, especially Instagram, in 2017 when she posted pictures of herself looking like Angelina Jolie after her alleged more than 50 cosmetic surgeries, in which she was actually quite scary. She was visible and her face was very disfigured.

After these pictures came out, where Sahar faced criticism, she also got sympathy from all over the world and she also became a social media star.

However, Sahar later admitted that she had undergone a few surgeries, including nose and lip surgery, but that her appearance was not what she looks like on Instagram, but that it was all a Photoshop perfection and that she did it to become famous.
She was arrested in October 2019 on other charges, including inciting youth against the government, and in April this year, Sahar Tabar contracted the corona virus while incarcerated.

According to Sahar Tabar’s lawyer, his client will appeal against the 10-year sentence.

Iranian human rights volunteers around the world have called on the government to pardon Sahar’s sentence, while some have called on Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie to play a role in ending the sentence. Has appealed.

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