NATO’s offensive statement, Russia puts nuclear force on high alert

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian military’s nuclear facilities unit (nuclear force) to remain on high alert.

According to British media, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian military to keep a unit equipped with Russian nuclear weapons ready in response to aggressive statements and economic sanctions by NATO member states.
According to the report, the order was issued by the Russian president after a high-level meeting.

In his address to the nation on Russian state television, Putin said that “there has been a series of offensive statements by key NATO member states against our country, so I have ordered the Secretary of Defense and the Army Chief to prepare a nuclear force.” put it.

It should be noted that the United States and Western countries have announced new sanctions to target Russia’s banking sector.

In addition, NATO and the United States are increasing the number of troops in neighboring Ukraine and Russia.

The United States and Western nations are also providing anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.

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