Now why do you have to pay two and a half rupees to get a receipt from an ATM?

Various banks in the country are now charging Rs.

The receipt received after withdrawing money from the ATM on which you can view your transaction record, current amount in the account and other records including the transaction limits of further amount. Now you have to pay Rs. Which will be automatically deducted from your account while the record of deduction of Rs.

There is speculation on social media and some consumers believe that the banks are taking the money from themselves but the reality is just the opposite.

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Many banks have informed consumers via SMS or social media that they are not deducting Rs 2.5 in case of receipt and they have not been instructed to do so by the central bank.

The move to deduct Rs 2.5 on receipt of ATM transactions has been taken by OneLink, the company that runs the ATM network, as OneLink has taken this step under a ‘Go Green’ campaign.

A statement issued by the company said that the option of getting a paper receipt after withdrawing money from the ATM by the bank customers has been left to their discretion. They can get a receipt by pressing the button on which they have to pay Rs.

The company says that in addition, it is up to the customers to view their records through the free SMS service without receiving a receipt.

The company said in a statement that the “Go Green” campaign was aimed at reducing the use of printed paper in society as consumers usually discard these receipts.

According to the company, there is no requirement to receive a receipt from SBP Pakistan and it is up to the customers to receive the receipt or view the account details via SMS. However, they have to pay Rs. shall be.

On the other hand, in the same way, after withdrawing money from an ATM, the Rs.

Not all banks are deducting this Rs 2.5 on receipt from ATMs but only a few banks are doing so now.

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