Primary School Teachers stage protest against new recruitment, promotion policy


BY: Kamran Khamiso Khowaja


THATTA: Primary School Teachers took out a rally and staged a protest against the new recruitment policy for teachers and not getting the right of promotion in Thatta here on Sunday.

Leaders of PST promotion working committee Mahboob Hussain Shah, Mohammad Ali Shar, Mor Khan, Abdul Razzaq Baloch, Noor Nabi Paliejo, Mir Hassan Brohi, and others demanded timely promotion of teachers and said that the government’s new recruitment policy would deprive senior teachers of the right to promotion.

Amid slogans in favor of teachers the rally started from a public park and reached Makli press club where teachers staged a protest against not being promoted and the new recruitment policy that in their view would deprive senior PST teachers of the right to promotion.

PTI leader Dawood Khaskeli and head of Malah community Adam Ghandro also took part in the protest and announced their outright support for the teachers. They said that; Teachers built the nation and promotion was their prime right. They further added that the new recruitment and promotion policy had caused desperation and unrest among the teachers.

Teachers on the other hand demanded promotions as per previous policy and warned to widen the scope of their protest if demands were not met.


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