Protests against issuance of fake domiciles held across Sindh

KARACHI: On the call of Sindh Youth Action Committee  civil society took out rallies and held demonstrations in several Sindh towns on Monday in protest against issuance of fake domiciles and permanent residence certificates to non-natives. The protesters’ leaders said that holders of fake domiciles had occupied resources and jobs of people of Sindh while Sindhi youths were deprived of getting education in reputable public institutions and were being neglected in They demanded immediate cancellation of all fake domiciles and PRCs which were issued throughout the province after payment of bribe to corrupt officials.

They demanded cancellation of all jobs and admissions given on the basis of the fake documents and provision of jobs to educated youths of Sindh who were originally entitled to them. They said that it was a part of a conspiracy to convert Sindhis into minority and asked Sindh government to immediately cancel all such documents to ensure justice to locals. The shameful practice had deprived Sindhi youths of admission to reputable educational institutions, jobs in civil services, participation in competitive examinations, placement to special political posts, armed forces, jobs in private companies like Thar Coal, PARCO and other important sectors.

They termed it a sinister conspiracy against natives of Sindh that allowed non-natives to get domiciles and PRCs and seize control of lucrative positions in the province at the expense of locals.

They demanded authorities concerned immediately cancel all the fake documents, de-notify the jobs given on the basis of such documents and take legal action against all the officials involved in the shameful practice.

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