Ranipur indecent: Medical report apprehends rape of child maid Fatima

By: Adeel Alvi

KHAIRPUR: A report from media channels on Sunday states that the medical board has identified evidence of the rape of the young maid, Fatima, who tragically lost her life at Ranipur Haveli. This information was provided by a high-ranking police official.

The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Sukkur division, Javed Jiskani, has announced that the medical board has officially confirmed that Fatima had been subjected to physical assault.

“We have made the decision to detain the individuals currently under investigation, including the former Station House Officer (SHO), head muharrir, doctor, and compounder,” revealed DIG Jiskani. “The individuals responsible will be formally charged in relation to the case, which involves attempts to conceal facts and the hurried burial of the victim without a proper post-mortem examination,” the senior police official elaborated.

The DIG of Sukkur Police highlighted that instructions have been given to rescue the children present at the Haveli. “A police station will be established within the Haveli premises to facilitate the collection of DNA samples from all individuals,” the police representative added.

The body of the young maid, Fatima, was exhumed to undergo a post-mortem examination. This process occurred on Saturday, with the medical board members and a Judicial Magistrate present to oversee the procedure and sample collection.

The preliminary post-mortem report indicated that Fatima’s body was in the early stages of decomposition. The report described her face as displaying blue discoloration on one side and green on the other.

“Numerous signs of physical abuse were evident on her body, including marks on her eyes, waist, forehead, feet, knees, and hands,” the report detailed. Several samples have been dispatched to the laboratory for microbiology tests.

The issue initially came to public attention due to video clips circulating on social media, which depicted Fatima’s body bearing extensive evidence of torture. In the video, the severely injured girl can be seen struggling to sit up on her bed before collapsing.

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