Selected PM does not want Sindh or its people, but covets its islands and coal: Bilawal

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Tuesday censured Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that “the selected does not want Sindh or its people but covets the islands, the coal and the gas there”.

His remarks came in a public gathering hosted by the PPP in Hyderabad, under the banner of the Opposition’s Pakistan Democratic Movement.

Bilawal vowed, on behalf of the people of Sindh, that they will “go to Islamabad and snatch back their rights”.

He said: “The selected prime minister says that Sindh is ‘not our province’.”

“If Sindh is not the prime minister’s province then whose is it?” Bilawal asked.

He questioned how a prime minister can “use such words” for Sindh.

The PPP chairman said that the people of Sindh will “safeguard their rights” and “safeguard democracy”.

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