Special items were allowed to be exported to Pakistan in Afghan currency

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), chaired by Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen, convened a meeting that allowed Afghanistan to export certain commodities, including sugar, rice, fish and meat to the Pakistani currency.

The meeting also eliminated 45% of regulatory duty on import of chilogas from Afghanistan.

According to the meeting’s declaration, the items exported include fruits, vegetables, cement, salt and dried fruits.

In addition, payment of $ 11.6 million was also approved for the Chinese employees of the Dasu Hydropower Project killed in the attack, while Urea fertilizer factories were approved to provide Rs 839 per mmBtu of UK gas by March. ۔

According to the declaration, an advisory committee was approved to set up a FYG spectrum under the chairmanship of the finance minister, 4 billion for the FBR and a technical grant of Rs 5 billion for the census ministry.

In addition to this, a meeting of Rs 11 billion 96 crore was approved for the purchase of cod vaccine.

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