Thatta: Illegally detained women released after intervention of political leaders


By: Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

THATTA: A group of miscreants who pretended to be policemen barged into the houses of the Malah Community in the locality of Thatta late on Friday night.

The residents of those houses were in a deep state of sleep when those miscreants invaded their houses and subjected them to ruthless torture and bigotry.

Around 20 people, 11 among them were women, had been brought to a local police station by those miscreants and lodged into the lockup. A team of journalists, JSM leader, Babu Kaushik, QAT leader Yasir Jakhro, STP District President Syed Jalal Shah, and others reached the police station and held a vociferous protest against the bigotry of Police.

They claimed that police were hand and gloves with the group of those miscreants who had inflicted torture upon these poor people including women. They said that; The prestige and honor of these poor people had been trampled with the support of police. Adding further they said that the whole incident had been facilitated by police.

Detained women who were screaming and screeching told local reports that; A group of men stormed their houses when they were asleep and mercilessly thrashed them. A man who was brought to the police station said that few private people and police personnel were trying to nominate them in false cases but They urged police high-ups and concerned authorities to take notice of this bigotry. After the intervention of leaders of nationalist parties, they were released.

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