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The countless benefits of olive oil

Olive and olive oil are counted among the foods that have innumerable benefits, the rich amount of micronutrients, fatty acids and vitamins in olive oil make it a healthy food.

The benefits of olive oil on an empty stomach

Drinking a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach protects cells from damage that can lead to cancer, as well as helping to heal the intestinal system and relieve constipation.

For the beauty of skin, nails and hair

Applying olive oil on the face also enhances beauty. It is also extremely beneficial for the skin, nails and hair. Olive oil restores the softness of the skin as well as repairs damaged skin, restores skin moisture and promotes hair growth.

The fatty acids in olive oil play an important role in strengthening the human body’s immune system. This increases the body’s resistance to diseases and ailments.

Useful for body inflammation

Olive oil is considered to be extremely useful against body inflammation, according to a study 3 to 4 tablespoons of olive oil has the same effect as a painkiller. This is a natural remedy that has no harm.

Good for mental health

Olive oil is also beneficial for mental health, the brain needs a lot of oxygen, the deficiency of which increases the amount of harmful free radicals, the use of olive oil to make up for this deficiency is beneficial. Can prove It also strengthens memory and reduces the chances of developing depression.

Protect against diabetes

Olive oil lowers the levels of diabetes, cholesterol and blood glucose, which means that this diet can be very beneficial for diabetics.

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