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World Corona Virus and Human Rights Day

On December 10, 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on human rights, reiterating its commitment to ensuring the basic rights of people around the world. 48 out of 58 countries voted in favor of the resolution of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), including Pakistan.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a landmark document that recognizes the inalienable rights of every human being, regardless of color, race, religion, sex, language, or political affiliation, or of any kind of faith, nation, society, wealth or family status. Officially declares, which he deserves as a human being.

The theme for 2020

Every year, on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, one or another topic is chosen. Due to the devastation of the corona virus worldwide this year, the theme for 2020 is “Better Healing – Stand Up for Human Rights.” The topic of the global epidemic aims to focus on building a better world than ever before while ensuring human rights in recovery efforts.

We will only be able to achieve our common global goals if we are able to create equal opportunities for all, as well as address the failures exposed by the Corona virus, and armed, organized, international inequality. And implement human rights standards to deal with all forms of discrimination.

Today is an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of human rights in making the world the way we want it to be. In addition, there is a need for global solidarity as well as coherence and shared humanity. The UN’s “Stand Up for Human Rights” voice aims to engage the public, partners and the UN family to strengthen the transformation process and provide practical and inspiring examples of better recovery Help develop more flexible and just societies.

Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals

Human rights are at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) because in the absence of human dignity we cannot expect sustainable development. Human rights are protected only by pursuing all the goals of sustainable development, while all the goals of sustainable development are achieved through progress on human rights.

The world after Kwid-19

The crisis caused by the corona virus has been exacerbated by growing poverty, growing inequality, segregation and other gaps in the protection of human rights. Filling these gaps and making progress on human rights can ensure that people are perfectly healthy and build a world that is better, more flexible, just and sustainable. In the post-Corona virus world, human rights must be central.

Elimination of all forms of discrimination: Discrimination and racism have fueled the Corona virus crisis. Equality and non-discrimination are the basic needs of the post-Cove 19 world.

Eliminating Inequality: To overcome the Corona virus crisis, we must also address the epidemic of inequality. For this we need to promote and protect economic, social and cultural rights. We need a new social contract for the new era.

Encouraging participation and solidarity: From individuals to governments, from civil society and grassroots communities to the private sector, everyone in the post-coronavirus world (better for present and future generations) Has a role to play. We must listen to the voices of the most vulnerable and vulnerable to the corona virus in our recovery efforts.

Promoting Sustainable Development: We need sustainable development for the people and our planet. Human rights, the 2030 agenda and the Paris Agreement are the cornerstones of a restoration that will leave no one behind.
Cove-19 and human rights

The second wave of corona virus has led to a gradual increase in the number of corona patients across the country. In such cases, it is important to take care of the basic human rights of the people and help them in terms of health, daily expenses and employment.

Human rights begin around you, such as home, neighborhood, family, office, school, colleges, etc. You can help people financially, by arranging better treatment for them, or by providing them with food.

According to international human rights law, everyone has the right to the highest standard of medical care possible, and governments are obliged to take the necessary steps to prevent public health hazards and provide medical care to those in need.

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