Auction process for sale of eggs started in Karachi

The auction process for sale of eggs has started in Karachi. The first auction was held on New Sabzi Mandi Super Highway.

On the direction of Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalawani, in order to curb the rise in prices of eggs and poultry in Karachi, the prices of eggs and poultry have been fixed through public auction as per the rules of the Market Committee.

The auction was held at the New Vegetable Market in which egg dealers participated but chicken dealers did not.

On the first day of the auction, the wholesale price of eggs was fixed at Rs 179 per dozen while the retail price was fixed at Rs 182.

Eggs will be sold at a fixed price in the general market on Friday. It has been decided to crack down on chicken dealers from Friday due to non-participation of them.

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