The Paradox of Justice: Silence the Oppressed

By: Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti

In a world where the cries of the oppressed echo through the ages, a paradox emerges, challenging the very essence of justice. When our enemies slay us, the world often turns a blind eye, labeling it as a form of twisted justice. Yet, when we dare to raise our voices against this brutality, we are accused of terrorism, and our cries are stifled in a silence that resounds with hypocrisy.

The irony lies in the fact that the same world that preaches justice and equality often fails to recognize the true victims. The ones who suffer in silence, their voices drowned amidst the chaos of prejudice and misunderstanding. When our enemies claim our lives, it is conveniently categorized as a consequence of conflict, collateral damage in the pursuit of some perceived higher purpose. But when we, the survivors, attempt to voice our pain, we are accused of sowing discord and labeled as terrorists.

What makes this paradox even more sinister is the suppression of our dissenting voices. When we speak out against terrorism, against the very forces that took our loved ones away, we are met with silence from those who should champion our cause. Our voices are muffled, our pleas for justice ignored, and our courage to stand against the darkness is quelled. In this stifling silence, the terrorists find an ally, their actions justified by the very suppression of our truth.

However, amidst this despair, a glimmer of hope emerges. The courage of those who refuse to be silenced, who continue to speak out against terrorism, even when their voices tremble. These brave souls challenge the status quo, refusing to succumb to the oppressive silence. They become beacons of truth, illuminating the path to genuine justice, unmarred by prejudice or double standards.

It is imperative that the world recognizes this paradox and addresses it with sincerity and empathy. True justice can only prevail when all voices are heard, regardless of their origin or affiliation. By silencing those who speak against terrorism, we inadvertently lend credence to the very forces we should be fighting against. Let us break this cycle of silence, empower the oppressed, and challenge the narrative that perpetuates this paradox.

In embracing the voices of dissent, we can dismantle the foundations upon which this paradox stands. Only then can we move toward a world where justice is blind, deaf to prejudice and unmoved by the cacophony of hypocrisy. Let us stand together, united in our fight against both terrorism and the silence that enables it, for in unity lies the truest form of justice.

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