Three-Day International Conference on Climate Change continues at SALU Khairpur

By: Adeel Alvi

KHAIRPUR:A Three-Day International Conference on Climate Change and Traditional Agriculture Pattern in Pakistan: Implications & Solutions organized by the Department of Geography, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur in collaboration with Sindh Higher Education Commission, Karachi, Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited and Roots for Equity continued on second day. Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Vice Chancellor presided the session of second day and also interacted with the scholars.

The renowned national and international scholars Dr. Marco Mandela, Professor, Barcelona University, Spain, Dr. Stefano Biagetti, Professor, Barcelona University Spain, Dr. Carolina Jimenez, Dr. Oscar Parque from Germany, Dr. Ishfaque Ahmed from Turkey, Dr. Azra Talat Syed, Dr. Lubna Ghazal, Dr. Noor Hussain Chandio, Dr. Sanaullah Panezai, Mr. Ayaz Latif Sial, Dr. Muhammad Dawood, Dr. Ghani Rehman, Dr. Syed Ali Asad Naqvi, Dr. Liaquat Ali Wassan, Dr. Shakeel Mehmood, Dr. Shujat Ali Malik, Mr. Saddam Hussain, Ms. Fatima Salman Awan, Ms. Aiman Nisar, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Ms. Sidra Noor, Mr. Nabi Bux, Ms. Shehla Bano, Ms. Ayesha Pathan, Dr. Sanaullah Soomro, Mr. Nisar Khand and others presented their research papers.

In their research papers, they highlighted the consequences of climate change on growth and productivity of date palm in the study area. The influence of climate change and land use on soil erosion has been identified as severe threat for human sustainability. They said Pakistan has history of large earthquakes and its various regions are highly seismic risk due to the presence of numerous active faults. The climate change has resulted in the receding of glaciers and inducted the glaciers and Lake Outburst floods. Globally the frequency and magnitude increased due to recent climatic variability. They said that soil erosion is a major environmental problem that is increasing year by year. It requires preventing political, economic and technical actions. They said that rapid urban growth is the component which has scribed to loss of agriculture land. They said that climate change changes the trend of stream flow in the cold regions and it is urgent to quantify its impact on the loss of glacier ice and water resources. They said that the mangroves make highly protective echo system. This echo system provides habitat to various wildlife. It is the need of the time to protect the mangroves fields. They said that the global climate change is a posing serious threat to the world’s agriculture that increased the risk of food security.

The Scholars said that the agriculture is strongly influenced by weather and climate while farmers are often flexible in dealing with the weather. Climate change has directly impact on the agriculture, fertile agriculture. Land is going to converting into barren land slowly and GDP rate of country is not increasing. The climate change has adverse consequences to water scarcity and droughts.

They recommended that the pattern of crops may be changed. The short term crops and new seed varieties may be introduced. The proper use of water is very essential. The loan facilities for agriculture may be granted. The use of energy judiciously, the green energy may be adopted. The Government may take cognitive steps to control on the adverse effects of climate change.

Dr. Noor Hussain Chandio, Incharge Department of Geography briefed the audience about the academic and research activities of the Department.

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