Two-day Annual Book Fair begins at F.G Public School No 1 Hyderabad

By: Anwer Ali Roshan 

HYDERABAD: In a bid to promote literacy and a love for reading among students, F. G High School Hyderabad welcomed esteemed educationist and author Prof Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti to inaugurate their annual book fair. The event drew enthusiastic participation from students, teachers, and the local community.

Addressing the audience during the inauguration ceremony, Prof Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti, Principal F.G Public School No.1 (Boys) Zulfiqar Ali Darban and Principal F.G Degree College Hyderabad Syed Khalil Husain underscored the paramount importance of reading and the pivotal role that book fairs play in fostering a culture of literacy within educational institutions. He emphasized that books serve as indispensable tools for intellectual growth, knowledge acquisition, and character development.

Highlighting the significance of organizing such events within school premises, Prof Bhatti encouraged students to explore diverse literary genres, engage in critical thinking, and cultivate a lifelong habit of reading. He remarked that book fairs not only provide access to a wide array of books but also serve as platforms for intellectual exchange and creative expression.

The event featured an extensive collection of books catering to various interests and age groups, ranging from literature and history to science and fiction. Students eagerly perused the stalls, selecting titles that captivated their imagination and sparked their curiosity.

In his closing remarks, Prof Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti commended FG High School Hyderabad for its commitment to promoting literacy and nurturing a vibrant reading culture among its students. He expressed hope that such initiatives would continue to inspire young minds and instill in them a lifelong passion for learning.

The book fair at FG High School Hyderabad stands as a testament to the enduring value of books and the transformative power of education in shaping the future generation.

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