Want better relations with Israel: Tayyab Erdogan

Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan has said that he wants better relations with Israel but Palestine policy is our red line.

Recently, two years later, Turkey re-appointed its ambassador to Israel, during which time relations between the two countries remained strained.

Turkey has recognized Israel, but it is a staunch supporter of Palestinian independence and sovereignty, and strongly opposes the relocation of the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

Turkey has also restored diplomatic relations with Israel

President Tayyab Erdogan has also stated a clear policy regarding Israel.

“Palestine policy is our red line and it is impossible for us to accept Israel’s Palestine policy,” he told reporters after Friday prayers in Istanbul.

“If there were no problems with the top Israeli officials, the nature of the relationship between the two countries would be different. We want to improve relations, while cooperation with Israel at the intelligence level is continuing,” he said.

It should be noted that Turkey is the first Islamic country to recognize Israel in 1949, but relations between the two countries have been changing since the current President Tayyab Erdogan came to power.

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