Zuleikha Al-Shayeb, Algerian freedom fighter who chose martyrdom

by: Muhammad Ibrahim Bhatti

The photo below was taken on October 15, 1957. It shows a woman named Zuleikha Al-Shayeb who was tied up with a military vehicle during the French occupation of her country, Algeria.


This photo was taken before the French colonial army dragged him tied up with a truck through the streets around the capital with the intention of intimidating and warning the people of Algeria not to oppose their occupation.

It was indeed French policy in their occupation not to give a humane attitude towards anyone including women and children who were seen to oppose them or suspected of wanting to revolt.

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Zuleikha Al-Shayeb was initially arrested and brutally investigated on suspicion of providing protection to Algerian liberation members. However, during the interrogation, he did not open his mouth, in fact did not provide any useful information to the colonialists. He was tortured for 10 days non -stop.

Not content with being brutally interrogated, the woman was handcuffed with a truck belonging to the army and dragged for hours on the road. There was no direct expression of asking for help and asking to be released by him. He was ready for martyrdom and would not plead for mercy from these colonizers.

Dissatisfied with his tenacity, French military officers later took him aboard a helicopter and carried him flying high in the air. When he reached a sufficient height, he was thrown out of the helicopter.

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