Artists and their role in the society

By: Hussain Chandio

[The writer  is a Pakistani artist of international fame with several solo exhibitions around the world. He has worked as a lecturer at Centre of Excellence in Arts and Design, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro and owns his own studio in Hyderabad.]

We all human beings, animals, plants. Insects and all this nature is created by Allah Almighty. And among all ninety nine names of Allah there is one name Al- Mussawir, the fashioner of forms, that simply means maker. Maker of forms, artist. We humans love and appreciate beauty and fragrance. God loves those who love others, who share love, who love through help , service and assistance. That’s why artist paints human feelings on his canvas with which goes positive messages to the society. We are the part of nature, so do we love nature and it’s phenomenon. We love colors of flowers, sounds of birds and gusts of cool and gentle breeze and amuse ourselves with their experience.

But if someone is unable to experience it personally he can still see these natural things on the canvas and get amusement. Artists are very sensitive human beings and they express their feelings by painting colours, happiness and pains of other fellow beings . In our society every discipline has its own responsibility to take the society towards development. Similarly artist has also a big role in the development of society. Whatever we make and use are primarily designed by artist. Our building, cars. Ships aeroplanes are firstly designed by the artist and then constructed for the use

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