Afghan women march against killing of ex-Afghan soldiers by Taliban

KABUL: Afghan women marched in Kabul to protest the killing of ex-Afghan soldiers by the Taliban.

According to the French news agency (AFP), 30 women gathered near a mosque in central Kabul on Tuesday and marched against the killing of ex-Afghan soldiers by the Taliban, chanting slogans of justice.

“I want to tell the world, we want freedom, we want justice, we want human rights,” one of the women protesters told AFP. Close.
On the other hand, Afghan security forces prevented the women participating in the march from advancing while the Taliban also tried to stop the journalists covering the march.

The Taliban reportedly briefly detained a group of journalists and confiscated equipment from some photographers and deleted images from their cameras.

It should be noted that since the return of the Taliban to power in August, the Taliban have banned unauthorized demonstrations.

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