An Albanian family accepted Islam after seeing a small Quran and a undecayed dead body

A Christian family from Albania had converted to Islam in the past after seeing a body buried in the ground and a small Quran.

According to a report, this family has been protecting this rare copy of the Holy Quran found on the ground during the past turmoil and wars in the country from generation to generation.

Mario Bruschi, a 45-year-old member of the family, told the media in an interview that ‘my great-grandfather was digging land for a new house in the city of Jakovica, Kosovo, when he found a perfectly intact body of a person buried there and a very small body. The Qur’an was found placed in the place of his heart.

He said that ‘finding the holy Quran and the dead body in such a safe condition was a miracle of God for our family, which affected the whole family and they decided to accept Islam’.

Mario Bruschi recounted an incident and said, “Once someone secretly reported to the police that there was a Quran in our house, but since the Quran was quite small, my father managed to hide it.” .

He said that “the policemen searched the entire house but failed to find the Quran, after which we have been organizing the protection of this Quran from generation to generation with full dedication”.

Mario Broschi also said that “this small version of the Holy Quran contains many stories, blessings and miracles”.

“Whenever I touch it, I feel safe,” says Mario’s wife, referring to the Holy Quran.

He said that “Quran has brought us good fortune, whenever my daughters are sick or anything bad happens, we do not worry because we believe that Quran will protect us”.

It should be noted that the family has so far received several offers to acquire this small Quran, some of which came from museums, but the family turned down all the offers.

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