Tragedy of CSS officers

By : Zubair Ahmad Laghari

The CSS cadre officers consider themselves superior as they know well that CSS stands for Central Superior Services. They are taught to behave like superiors and are injected with superiority complex. They think high of themselves and look down upon the other cadre officers. Most of them never show any courtesy or politeness and are arrogant in their behavior. A humble CSS officer is a paradox. Everybody knows it well that “power corrupts man and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, they consider this quote a myth and run after the kind of power which has been condemned here.

At the prime age of their life they are sent to distant places and are posted in other provinces. It is a difficult thing altogether to permanently settle down to a new place, but it is a general rule for every CSS officer to spend first 5 years away from home, from their native city or village, so they live in an other province away from their kith and kin. Neither they have time, nor their position allows them to be thick with their old school, college or university friends. It is either their status, power, money or protocol they are given that makes the difference between now and then. So, most of the CSS officers remain deprived of a sincere and a trustworthy friend. Majority of the CSS officers never socialize as their superiority complex does not let them do so. They leave their close and intimate relations to achieve something unattainable.They certainly never adjust in that society and come back to their home town or village. A society where they previously used to intermingle with their childhood friends. As time passes by their priorities change and they want to comeback to a less materialistic world where they find importance of relations.

They want to fly higher and want to become powerful administrative officers who also have a desire to become famous, that is why they prefer to be along with high gentry and among the influencial people. A CSS officer never feels easy with the other cadre officers whom he never consider superior like him. They always keep a distance and keep everybody else at their arm’s length. Their haughtiness is seen in their behavior when they deal with officers of other cadres. They are rude, rough and arrogant when they work under officers of other cadres. They are soft and gentle with their seniors who are also CSS officers. They are very polite with the political representatives such as MNAs or MPAs and ministers or advisors. They seem themselves helpless in certain situations. So the criteria or a touchstone to honour or respect somebody for a CSS officer is not piety or any other thing except power and pelf or somebody having a similar achievement or rank as that of a CSS officer. The Quranic teachings and Sahi Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H teach us humility, but on the contrary the CSS officers are taught to be, or act and behave like superiors. This very name of the whole cadre of the so called civil servants that is Central Superior Services may be changed into a name which shows the very essence of the word service for which they are selected and paid.

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