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Don’t wait for corona to become worst

By: Mujeeb Bhatti

Those of you who think that life has done you a lot of injustice should decide after reading this story whether they have been treated more unfairly than Dr. Lee.

Dr. Li was the first person in China to inform the world about the dangers of the corona virus. The doctor was working at Wuhan Hospital. In December 2019, when seven patients were admitted up and down with the same symptoms, the doctor frowned.

He spoke to his fellow doctors and expressed concern that he might have contracted the SARS virus.

Four days later, Dr. Lee was summoned by the Bureau of Public Safety, where he was forced to sign an “affidavit” stating that he had spread false rumors “which severely damaged the collective order.” ۔

“We are warning you that if you continue your stubbornness and engage in illegal activities with the same recklessness, you will be brought to justice,” the bureau officials warned. Do you understand? ‘Dr. Lee bowed his head silently and came out saying’ Yes ​​sir ‘. This is the incident of January 3, 2020.

The letter, released by Chinese authorities to Dr Lee, is still available on the BBC’s website.

Corona’s symptoms began to appear in Dr. Li himself on January 10, and he was hospitalized two days later. On January 20, China declared a state of emergency in the wake of the epidemic.

Chinese authorities apologized to Dr. Li, but it was too late. Exactly 18 days later, on February 7, 2020, Dr. Li Wenliang, 33, died of the corona virus.

2020 was the year of the corona virus. In this one year, where the virus caused millions of deaths in the world, man was also taught the lesson that denying or confessing something according to one’s own will does not change the reality.

Chinese authorities reprimanded Dr. Lee, but it did not affect the health of the corona virus.

Throughout the year we’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories, some saying that Bill Gates was spreading the virus to sell his vaccine, and some calling the Five G poles a means of spreading the virus. Someone said weird things about the virus. Predictably, someone described the treatment of cod with herbs.

No predictions came true and no tricks worked, no conspiracy theories were found and nothing came out of the Five G poles. Today we are all waiting for the vaccine that is in the final stages of preparation, this vaccine. Up to 95% effective.

According to experts, the use of this vaccine will bring the world back to normal by next winter. All we have to do is be careful until this vaccine arrives, and if you have any symptoms of corona, God willing. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. What are these things?

The first thing is not to deny the disease. It is true that not every cough or fever is corona, nowadays the weather is changing which is also causing common flu to people but the symptoms of corona are specific.

Get tested immediately as soon as these symptoms appear, but also get your breasts x-rayed and do some blood tests, such as CBC, ESR, D-Dimer, etc. You can get the full details from a qualified doctor. By the way, Fadwa also has this detail, but since Fadwa is not a doctor, he has given a disclaimer.

The benefit of this is that these tests will be available before the corona test and treatment will begin immediately. Timely diagnosis of this disease is essential.

The same thing happened with our beloved Arshad Waheed Chaudhry. He had a fever, cough, etc. for a few days, but he thought it was a common seasonal fever. Several days passed in it. By the time he was tested for corona, the disease had worsened. Arshad was put on a ventilator. A journalist like Heera did not come back. What is wrong with you who does not die any more!

There are two benefits to timely diagnosis of corona, one is that the doctor takes you as seriously as you take the disease.

If the doctor sees that you have come to him with the whole test, then it is easier to treat him and the other benefit is that if there is any major defect in the X-ray or blood samples, then life-saving drugs, Antibiotics and necessary injections can be given in a timely manner.

All this is possible only if the patient accepts the reality instead of denying the disease and treats according to medical science instead of tricks.

During this time the patient should also keep an eye on his saturation level. Nowadays it can also be seen from a smartphone. If one day it stays below 94 for 24 hours continuously, then he should be admitted to the hospital immediately.

There is no evidence that the virus has become so dangerous that it does not appear in any tests, so don’t worry about it. Here are some things that can be done to prevent this contagious disease from getting worse. The precaution is the same today, wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid crowds and crowds.

However, do not lose your senses, you do not need to clean the household items, your shoes or clothes to the extent of insanity. Of course, keep cleaning the dirt of the heart.

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