Game of Thrones founder killed by poisoning

The founder of the Game of Thrones game and Chinese billionaire game developer has mysteriously died of poisoning.

According to British media, the police have confirmed that the 39-year-old Chinese tycoon Linki died dramatically on Christmas day after dying from poisoning.

Linky was the chairman and chief executive of the game developer company Yuzo, and the most popular TV show and game based on the novel Game of Thrones was ‘Game’.

Police suspect one of Lin’s accomplices, identified only as Zhou.

According to British media, Linkey was one of the richest people in China with an estimated wealth of 3 1.3 billion.

Current and former employees of the company gathered outside the office to mourn Linky’s sudden death.

According to media reports, Linky founded Yuzo in 2009 and achieved great success in the gaming industry.

On the other hand, a statement issued by Linky’s company said that he himself was admitted to the hospital a few days ago due to ill health but at that time his condition was better.

According to local media, the news of his death came out dramatically on Christmas Day on Friday and there is speculation that Linki was poisoned in tea.

Police say there are no further details on Linky’s death, but it is suspected he was poisoned.

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