Malaysian authorities seize PIA plane at Kuala Lumpur Airport

Sources said that PIA flight PK895 had reached Kuala Lumpur from Karachi today. In Kuala Lumpur, local authorities seized the PIA plane on court orders.

Sources said that the PIA plane was seized in Malaysia for non-payment of lease dues.

According to sources, the PIA plane was seized after the passengers boarded it and the passengers were taken off the plane after the plane was seized.

Sources said that an 18-member PIA crew was also stranded in Kuala Lumpur after the plane was seized. The 18-member crew now has to spend 14 days in quarantine.

A PIA spokesperson also confirmed the seizure of the plane in Kuala Lumpur and said that proper care would be taken of the passengers till the issue is resolved.

The spokesman said the seizure of the plane on a court order in Malaysia was an unfortunate situation and the PIA was working at the government level to resolve the issue.

A PIA spokesman said the case of PIA and one party was pending in a British court.

It may be recalled that PIA had leased Boeing 777 aircraft from a Vietnamese company in 2015.

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