MS of Civil Hospital Shikarpur unaware about details of hospital staff

SHIKARPUR: Our Correspondent in Shikarpur Adeel Alvi paid a visit to the Civil Hospital Shikarpur, where the majority of the staff was found absent from the duties, even  Dr Nadir Panhwar was unavailble.
Most of staff of the hospital including Dr Veengas Ayaz was not present while DN reachdd there at noon.
When the journalist enquired about the total staff of the hospital no one was confirmed about the total number of the doctors or other staff. The Admin of the Hospital called the MS Dr. Nadir Panhwar in a conversation with the journalists the MS also confirmed that he is unaware about the total number of the doctors posted at the hospital and the journalist was reffered again to the AMS Dr Abdul Shakoor and the Admin to confirm the number of the staff who was already unaware of the staff.
There were only three doctors present at the hospital, who told the media that they have never seen any other staff at the hospital except themselves. In this regard, the Health Department is urged to take notice of the mismanagement and lack of facilities at the Civil Hospital Shikarpur, so that the people of the district could be provided healthcare facilities in a proper way.

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