PTI has become a drit party and will flow into the drain: Sindh Chief Minister

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has slammed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and said that PTI has become a canal party and will flow into the canal.

Addressing a press conference in Karachi, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah slammed the federal government.

Murad Ali Shah said that these people say they will not give money to Sindh, they will eat it, the federation is not doing favors by giving money to Sindh, 70% of revenue is collected from Sindh so give us money according to our share. They have already deducted 62 billion out of 742 billion.

He said that there is no difference with any province, the federation should treat everyone equally, there was severe injustice from Sindh, unlike other provinces, no new road project was put in Sindh but unnecessary projects were imposed by force, federal government drains instead of mega projects. And working on the manhole, PTI has become a drain party and will flow into the drain.

The Chief Minister Sindh said that the way the federation is thinking cannot crush the provinces like this, no article can be imposed on Sindh, injustice is happening with Sindh and I am the Chief Minister of Sindh so I am talking about the rights of Sindh. Why do I get irritated when I tell about Sindh’s problems? Why do they suddenly become attackers?

He further said that if the growth has increased then the taxes should also increase. The provincial budget depends on the federal funds. Most of the taxes are collected by the federation. If I present the facts, they feel bad. The growth of taxes is 17% and the growth of 17% is 3 years, which is what the drums are beating.

Murad Ali Shah said that we have to spend more due to Corona virus when NFC is 11 years old, they are targeting 18th amendment regarding NFC, no one focused on target, just criticize Sindh. The tax collection of Sindh Revenue Board is 21%, our Sindh Revenue Board rate is better than FBR.

The Sindh Chief Minister said that according to our calculations, the population of Sindh is more than 62 million and it is hoped that the parliamentarians will go beyond political affiliations and talk about the census.

He said that an attempt has been made to give the impression that we are accusing a province of stealing water. Our concerns are not with any province but with IRSA and the federation. Water distribution is not a political issue, it is legal and technical. The issue is, I am not blaming anyone, I am blaming Irsa, Irsa is not distributing water fairly.

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