Russia-Ukraine war, one year completed

By: Hassan Taggar

On February 24 of this year, the war between Russia and Ukraine completed one year. During a year where Ukraine had to face a lot of destruction, the international community, including Pakistan, is facing difficulties in the form of an increase in the prices of oil, wheat and gas. The people have been badly affected by this war, the life system there is in chaos and the citizens are facing many problems. More than 56,000 people are injured, besides 15,000 people are missing, a large number of innocent children are victims of this bloody war. According to American analysts, this war between the two countries is affecting the policy and national priorities of the countries in the region. According to media reports, the United States has given more military aid to Ukraine by imposing new sanctions on Russia after one year of the attack on Ukraine. has announced, the purpose of the new measures is to weaken the economic power of Russia by banning the transactions of more than a hundred Russian companies in Russia and around the world. , the US President met with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky and expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people. As a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Russia’s trade relations with other European countries, including Britain, Germany, and France, have already been suspended.

It was decided to impose sanctions on Russia at the meeting of the G7 countries in September last year. Countries like the European Union and Australia had also boycotted Russian products. The purpose of all these measures was to prevent Russia from further aggression against Ukraine. For example, because of not passing through Russian airspace, planes face extra fuel and long-haul problems. Last year, on the occasion of the start of the war in Ukraine, the British Broadcasting Corporation expressed the concern that if the war between Russia and Ukraine is prolonged, there may be a wheat and food crisis in Pakistan. BBC Urdu said that Russia and Ukraine are among the major wheat producing countries in the world. Most of the imported wheat in Pakistan is imported from Russia and Ukraine. If the military tension between Russia and Ukraine increases, the prices of crude oil and wheat worldwide An increase of up to 25% is expected, which will have a direct impact in the form of an increase in the price of wheat in Pakistan. At the diplomatic level, Pakistan has close relations with both Ukraine and Russia. India is considered close to Russia in the region, but Due to the Western sanctions, India has not been able to import wheat and oil from Russia, on the other hand, the wheat needs of Afghanistan are now being met from Pakistan. Faced with shortages and price hikes.

Pakistan decided to remain neutral on the occasion of last year’s meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, and this year, after completing one year of the war, Pakistan decided to remain neutral by not voting along with other thirty-one countries in the UN meeting. Maintained, Pakistan’s position regarding the Russia-Ukraine war is very clear that the issues should be resolved through negotiations and the attention of the international community should be focused on peace. will not remain, the recent indication of the use of nuclear weapons by Russian President Putin may be a precursor to the third world war. Currently, Western countries are showing symbolic solidarity, but if God willing, in this war If more global forces jump in, the use of nuclear power by even one of them will lead to the complete destruction of the planet. The escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine is a big question mark on the usefulness of the United Nations.

In the 21st century, the world has completely changed, but the United Nations is still confused in the situation after the Second World War, one year of the Russia-Ukraine war has been completed, but the peace-loving people around the world want an immediate ceasefire. The United Nations should go ahead and play its role.

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