Is the new planet another earth?

Astronomers are making new discoveries by researching in space. Scientists have discovered another planet like Earth away from the solar system. It is the strongest planet ever, which is exactly like our Earth in size and mass. In addition, it is orbiting at such a distance from its star that it is necessary for life to exist there. This planet has been named “TOI-700d”.

Located 102 light-years from Earth, it has been discovered after extracting data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) space mission. The planet has the most Earth-like planet; That is, in terms of its mass and size, it is exactly like the earth.

Its main star is named “TOI-700a”. It is a “dwarf star” that has faded considerably since its youth, even though its temperature is lower than that of our sun. That is why it is surrounded by a “favorable area for life.” The “Habitable Zone” is also a short distance away and the “TOI 700D” is circulating in the same area. Experts are trying to find out if there is liquid water there as well.

Does life exist on this planet as well? At present, there is no space telescope for this task that can detect the presence of water in the atmosphere and liquid state of a planet so far away.

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