Revolution in vaccine development

With regard to the epidemic that originated in the Chinese province of Wuhan, no one could have imagined that it would turn into a global pandemic in early 2020 and that the world would be so helpless in the modern era of the present century. Gee, which was impossible to imagine until some time ago, but it all happened. In the early days of the epidemic, many conspiracy theories were also debated. Sometimes it was called the mischief of America and China, sometimes it was called a global evil conspiracy. Some hope in the changing weather that as soon as the weather warms up, the virus will die on its own. But as time went on, conspiratorial ideologies died out and gradually anxiety, anxiety, panic and frustration engulfed the world.

The first wave of Corona seemed to be leaving after millions of people were targeted, and the second wave attacked the human race again for further destruction. Meanwhile, scientists and experts are working on how to eradicate the disease. Gradually, the fruits of these efforts began to be seen. Recently, Pfizer and its partner German companies BioNtech and American company Moderna finally brought their own invented vaccine to the world. The vaccines have been approved by drug authorities around the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US FDA. These days, vaccines are being given to healthcare professionals in many countries around the world, and it is hoped that these vaccines will soon be available to the general public.

Meanwhile, a Chinese company has also claimed to have invented its own vaccine, but it is currently in the phase of clinical trials. From a scientific and medical point of view, the first two vaccines will be more beneficial and what is the mechanism or mechanism of action of these vaccines. These are not common vaccines. These are a brand new type of vaccine. These are commonly called mRNA vaccines. Vaccines that have been used so far are also in use, their methods are known to almost everyone. The basic philosophy was that ineffective pathogens were introduced into the human body, in order to stimulate the body’s immune system and be used in the fight against them.

These pathogens cannot harm human health, as they are rendered ineffective by high temperatures or chemical reactions. But the immune system in our body acts against them as an external invader and makes antibodies to fight against it, which in a way is the human body’s weapon against this particular virus. This fight protects these foreign bodies in their memory in such a way that as soon as the virus of the original disease enters the body, the antibodies recognize it and move on and kill the virus before it can harm the body. Are But the development of such traditional vaccines is possible only after a long and arduous process. And the pharmaceutical industries face many other challenges in their mass production. The creation of new types of vaccines was essential for overcoming these problems and for the survival of human health.

Scientists have already succeeded in developing vaccines using DNA in this field and are working on more. Vaccines developed by Pfizer / BioNTech and Modern have been developed using what we call mRNA based vaccines. Vaccines developed with the new technique do not require the entry of disease-related pathogens into the human body, but rather the development of immunity against the disease by making these antigens within the human body and cells. To understand this whole process, one first needs to understand the human body and the cellular system in it. The basis of the cells inside the human body is DNA. DNA is actually the molecule that contains all the genetic characteristics of a human being.

It contains all the information on the basis of which it further sends a message to the cells to build proteins, and thus human cells follow these instructions to build large protein molecules. Another molecule called messenger RNA is needed to carry these messages from DNA to the cells. It should be kept in mind that the antigens that are introduced into the human body in the form of vaccines to build immunity against the virus are actually proteins that are obtained from the cell wall of the virus. ۔

The genetic sequence of DNA has long been decoded by scientific research, and it is no longer a mystery to know what chemical components the genetic sequence of antigens inserted into the body contains. Now the real vaccine development phase begins. The genetic sequence of the corona virus has already been decoded by scientists. After decoding, mRNA containing this specific chemical sequence was prepared in the laboratory for its construction inside the cell. And then this mRNA was injected into the body like a vaccine.

It carries instructions from the outside and reaches its cells directly inside the human muscle, instructing it to build antigens equivalent to the corona virus. So when these antigens are produced, they stimulate the body’s immune system, which attacks these antigens and stores their form in their memory, as soon as they come across the original virus. It doesn’t take long to subdue it. DNA-based vaccines have been developed before, but RNA-based vaccines will be more effective in the sense that there is no need to tamper with the DNA in the body. In other words, instead of developing a new DNA synthesis and passing it on to mRNA, the mRNA produced directly from the outside was given the same messages and instructions that it actually receives from DNA and Taken to the cell.

This method proved to be safer, with minimal tampering with the internal systems of the human body. This also refutes the world-wide rumor that the vaccine is used to infect human DNA. Custom edits can be made. it is nothing like that. The main component of this vaccine, developed by Pfizer and Moderna, is the messenger RNA, which is trapped in a tiny bubble. This bubble is made of fatty acid which is called nanoparticle. These bubbles are suspended in a solution that is actually a saline solution. This saline is inserted into the patient’s body in the same way that is usually given to any patient by drip to relieve weakness. Companies have yet to reach a conclusion on the effectiveness of the vaccine and how long it will last. The World Health Organization (WHO) says a six-month effect is currently acceptable, but Moderna’s CEO says the effect could last for years.

The big news for the pandemic world right now is that the results of the new vaccine are more than 90 percent. It is time for humanity to breathe a sigh of relief from a dangerous epidemic. If the vaccine remains effective for four to six months, at least for as long as further research and development work continues, people will be able to come out of the atmosphere of panic. As for the mechanism of the vaccine, there is no doubt that the effect will be long-term and further developments in the meantime will limit the likelihood of any recurrence and re-emergence of the corona virus. Will be finished by

Fortunately, Dr. Shaukat Ali of the Dow University of Medical Sciences and his team are also working on a vaccine with the help of plasma obtained from recovering patients. Also, the vaccine, which is being developed in partnership with a Chinese pharmaceutical company, will have gone beyond clinical trials and gained the approval of health regulators by then. In view of all these steps, it is not unreasonable to expect that by early 2021, the world will be somewhat freed from the fear of Covid 19.

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