Jumman Darbadar, a down-to-earth poet

By: Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti

This world is full of writers, poets, authors, and literary people who work at their best to get recognition. Some people work for life and create thousands of things but did get any attention from their readers, though they prove themselves very good craftsmen.  On the other hand, some people create very less but they have the power to move hearts. Their sublime lines become immortal which makes their creators immortal as well. Muhammad Jumman commonly known as Juman Darbadar, a down-to-earth poet from a remote area of Thar was also one of them.

Jumman Darbadar who left for his eternal abode some days ago is being praised for his lifelong struggle against the cruelties of the privileged class. His lines Wathi Har Har Janam Warbo Mitha Mehran Main Milbo (We will get birth again and again and meet in the valley of Mehran) have become what we call in literature the mighty lines. His fans and contemporary poets and writers term him a poet of soil and pay him rich tribute for his selfless love for his homeland.

He was known as the poet of love and revolution. Juman was born on May 12, 1944, in Rohal Vai—a small village in the Umerkot district. He was also a well-known political and peasant rights activist. As a public poet of Sindh, his poetry is sung and listened to in his voice at the public level and in the political, literary, and social events of Sindh. He was also famous for humor and satire. His above-mentioned poetry sung by renowned folk singer Sarmad Sindhi brought him to the spotlight. He was a veteran political and farmers’ rights activist, and a well-known people’s poet. His poetry is popularly sung in political rallies, literary events and social gatherings.


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