The journey of the lover of the Prophet (PBUH)to the Hereafter

By: Zakir Hussain

Although on the one hand the death of the late Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi saddened millions and millions of Muslims, on the other hand it was heartwarming to see the scenes of his funeral prayers. Not only the followers of his party were saddened by the death of the deceased but every Islamist was saddened and the same was true of those who attended his funeral. There was only one reason. Relation to the religion of Islam and the love of the Prophet. In his life, a thousand differences could and have been made with the strategy and methodology of the late Allama, but no one has the slightest doubt that the purpose of the late Allama was great, pure.

As Mufti Taqi Usmani and Mufti Adnan Kakakhel wrote in their social media messages. Taqi Sahib wrote that he was deeply saddened by the death of Allama, he was a powerful voice on the demise of the Prophet and the honor of the Prophet. Kakakhel Sahib wrote that the tragedy of Allama’s death saddened everyone, his leaven was tainted with the love of the Prophet and he was undoubtedly the most thunderous and fearless voice in the country for the honor of the Prophet and protection of the end of the Prophet.

That is why scholars of different schools of thought and Muslims from all walks of life attended his funeral prayers. The funeral was attended by millions. It was as if the whole of Pakistan was in turmoil. The vast field of Minar-e-Pakistan, the whole area around it, the roads, wherever you look, people were visible. Undoubtedly, the late Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi, who spent his life guarding the end of Prophethood and the great cause of honoring the Prophet, received a message to the whole world through the sea of ​​people attending his funeral prayers. In this land established in the name of Islam, and for Muslims, the end of the Prophethood and the honor of the Prophethood are the redlines that no one can be allowed to cross under any circumstances. The Allama left, but his historic funeral prayers conveyed the message that despite all the enlightenment movements, Western pressure, the propaganda of dollar-driven NGOs, and the slogans of secularism, liberalism, Muslim Islam here Even today in Pakistan, which was founded in the name of Islam, they consider the relationship of Islam as a source of pride for themselves. May Allah Almighty grant him a place in Paradise, accept his services for Islam and forgive his shortcomings, mistakes, sins, Amen!
The demise of the late Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi also united the scholars of all schools of thought. The President, the Prime Minister, the Army Chief all lamented the death of Allama but it is unfortunate that a section of liberals and secularists have adopted such an extremist attitude and are so drenched in the stench of hatred and malice that they objected that Why are the President, Prime Minister and Army Chief expressing grief over the death of the late Allama? This section was also upset that millions of people attended the funeral. Some even wondered why scholars from other schools of thought were so saddened by the death of Allama and why everyone was attending the funeral. Talking to a journalist friend, he said that this class of liberals and secularists has become incurable. May Allah guide us all including this class, Amen! I pray that our major political parties also realize on this occasion that Pakistan established in the name of Islam and the Muslims living here for the last 73 years. Betrayed, but if truth be told, it is not only a betrayal of the people, but a betrayal of the covenant made with God Almighty that the Islamic system will be implemented in this country, for which we are being punished in various ways. Is facing a crisis after. How long will our major political parties continue to turn their backs on the establishment of Pakistan to please the West?

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