Adverse impact of technology on Youth


By: Shahzaib Khamiso Khowaja

Nowadays Technology has eased our lives, it has connected us with each other and made this world a global village. But conversely it has left an adversative effect on our lives as well particularly on our young generation which have become addicted to its use. In these circumstances youngsters prefer to play online games which is injurious for their mental as well as physical aptitude and creativity. Due to their Excessive immersion amidst online games hormones release quickly as a result of that secondary growth taking place in them. Emotional disturbance is another alarming cause, research tells that emotional disturbance becomes anxiety by the passage of time which develops aggression & suicidal tendencies among them. Youngsters should get indulge into creative and healthy activities so as to get rid of this addiction. Parents should shoulder few responsibilities in lieu to this addiction.

1) Parents should keep a watch over the daily activities of their children

2) Awareness should be given to them regarding positive use of Technology

3) Parents should develop close relationship with their children so they could feel while sharing their feelings with their parents

64% of our population is youth which is an asset and these few steps can save that asset from melancholy

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