Armed clash leaves three dead, two wounded near Garhi Yaseen

By: Adeel Alvi

GARHI YASEEN: A deadly armed clash between Panhwar and Brohi tribes left three persons dead and two others seriously wounded.. The clash broke out between due to old enmity between the Brohi and Panhwar communities of the Palija Panhwar  and Eidan Brohi villages. Three young men from Brohi community Ibrahim Brohi, Manzoor Brohi and Riaz Brohi were killed on the spot whereas  two others Ehsan Brohi and Sharif Brohi were seriously injured as a result of heavy gunfire.

All the victims were rushed to the Madeji Hospital where a postmortem examination of the three bodies was performed and the wounded tribesmen were admitted for treatment.

The two groups, belonging to the Brohi and Panhwar tribes living in the area, have been at odds for several years and intermittent clashes between them over the period have already claimed eight lives.

. The father of the deceased, Ibrahim Brohi, who was in the hospital, said that the young men were sitting outside the village on a fish pond when the rivals attacked them.

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