Dire need of education, equality and maintained law and order in Pakistan

By: Faiza Jamali
Pakistan was made based on the separate religion of Islam, but what was neglected was the different nations. Different nations gave birth to nationalism. Pakistan, since then, has been entangled in nationalist riots and feuds. Sometimes, between Punjabi and Sindhi, and sometimes between muhajirs, and nowadays, between the Afghani Pathans and Sindhi. This riot was initiated somewhere at the local restaurant in Hyderabad City, which resulted in the brutal killing of a Sindhi, and the following is the violence in different cities of Sindh, closing the local restaurants of Afghani Pathans and somewhere fist-fighting.

The question that arises here is, what is the role of the government and what causes the nationalist movements and disorder in the country?
Firstly, due to the lack of government intervention, the riots and differences between the nations are further fueled. For example, to stop local fist-fighting, the involved police become polarized and inclined towards one party, neglecting the justice system. A form of feudalism followed.
Secondly, the lack of education has caused far more problems than one could possibly fathom. For instance, there has been throwing rocks and closing the local businesses of Afghani people rather than acting in a more civilized and educated manner.
Thirdly, the essence of inequality ignites the existential problem. On the national level, some nations lag in terms of education, fair share of budget, and distribution of water. Furthermore, there is no international level recognition of some nations. These problems have caused a sense of inequality and backwardness among the masses.

Fourthly, the existential rules and regulations and parity between who is liable to follow the rules and who is powerful enough to go against the rules In Pakistan, there are many strict laws and regulations which, if applied and carefully implemented, could prevent the rising violent public disorder.
Three things are important to bring justice within Pakistan and, subsequently, necessary to take Pakistan on the road to peace and prosperity. These are education, equality between the nations, and the strict implementation of rules and regulations. These, in return, will kill feudalism, and stop feudal lords’ support for nationalist movements, killing the masses and enforcing the disorder and chaos.

Nationalism itself isn’t a bad thing, but extreme nationalism is. It imparts a negative impact, such as xenophobia, which is a fear that someone will take over. It leads to conflict with others and sometimes infringes on the rights of others.
Equality is a key aspect to stopping the uprising of nationalist movements. If it’s ignored, then things aren’t in favour of Pakistan’s sovereignty.

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