Jealousy … the root cause of the ruin of good deeds

By: Sufyan Ali 

Is it they who are jealous of the favors which Allah has bestowed on them of His bounty? So indeed We gave the family of Ibrahim (Abraham) the Book and the Wisdom, and We made them great. Gave the kingdom. So some of them believed in it, and some of them turned away from it, and the fire of Hell is sufficient for them. (Surat an-Nisa ‘) In these verses, Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, said to the Jews: A special feature and symbol is stated that they are jealous of the believers.

They are jealous of the blessings that God has bestowed on Muslims by His grace. Jealousy was in fact a special feature of the Jews, but the Muslims adopted it in their dealings with each other. Suffers from spiritual illnesses, one of the most important of which is jealousy. This is a bad habit which affects the human body, but more than that, its religion and faith are ruined. Jealousy sows the seeds of hatred, enmity, hatred and enmity in the society, which leads to evil eye, amulet, punk, magic. A door is opened to get tuna and other such disgusting deeds done and jealousy is the name of the one who wishes to take away the blessings from the Lord of blessings, that is, the envious person desires that those blessings be taken away from him and given to me.

Jealousy means “burning at the happiness of another and wishing for his blessings and happiness to go away.” Jealousy is that which burns at the blessings of others. He could not bear that Allah has blessed someone with wealth, knowledge, religion, beauty and other blessings. Sometimes this condition lasts to the heart and sometimes it grows to the point where the envious person takes some practical steps against Mehsud (who is to be envied). His condition is sometimes expressed through his words and sometimes his actions reflect his inner feelings and emotions.

As long as the state of jealousy is confined to the heart and mind of the envious person, it does not pose a danger to Mehsud, but it remains a scourge for the envious person and thus he becomes a great enemy of his own self, but when he becomes his own. If we begin to show jealousy, then this is the place from which the Creator of the heavens and the earth has taught us this prayer to seek refuge: “وَمِنْ شَرِّ حَاسِدٍ ذِذَا حَسَد” I seek refuge in Allah. From the evil of the envious when they become jealous. ”(Surat al-Falaq) This blessed verse does not teach that“ seek refuge from the evil of the envious ”but rather draws attention to the fact that“ envious ” Seek refuge from the evil of K, when they become jealous. ”Because until his jealousy manifests, it is a heart and mental disease, which belongs to the caste of the jealous, and this status is not harmful to Mehsud. Is.

Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa, the last of the Prophets, had already predicted that this Ummah would be afflicted with the diseases of jealousy and hatred. It is narrated from Hazrat Zubair bin Awwam that the Holy Prophet said, There will be jealousy and hatred among them and they will shave, it is not the hair, but the cleanser of religion, by the Holy One in whose possession my soul is! You will not go to heaven until you become a believer, and you cannot become a believer unless you love one another. Shall I not tell you such a thing, if you do it to one another? Will I be born in love? That you greet one another “(Jami ‘al-Tirmidhi)

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) drew attention to the destruction of jealousy and said, “As stated in al-Targheeb wa al-Tarheeb, two hungry wolves cannot harm goats as much as greed for wealth and envy is the religion of the Muslim. Is jealous and devours good deeds as fire consumes wood. ”That is why the Holy Prophet (sws) gave a special will to avoid it.

Hazrat Anas ibn Malik narrates that the Holy Prophet (sws) said, “Do not hate one another and do not envy and do not gossip and be a servant and brother of Allah Almighty and it is not permissible for any Muslim to be a Muslim. Stay away from brother for more than three days. (Sahih Bukhari)

Man’s ego basically wants to be superior to others. When he sees someone in a better position than himself, this thing becomes heavy on him, so he wants this blessing to be taken away from him, so that we are both equal. Be. This is the main cause of jealousy. Jealousy usually occurs in peers and peers. For example, in siblings, in friends, in officers, the businessman will be jealous of the businessman, the student will be jealous of the student and the writers will be jealous of the writers, and the root of jealousy is the love of this mortal world. There are many other reasons for this. Weakness of faith also leads to jealousy. Jealousy does not agree with the distribution of Allah, he thinks that I am the rightful owner of this blessing which has been given to another. He shows by his words and deeds how injustice Allah has done and has chosen the wrong man for His bounty. These thoughts and ideas shake his faith and weaken his relationship with God.

Because of this thought, Iblis was cursed and rejected. To have such a character and temperament is in fact to follow in the footsteps of Iblis, the result of which is nothing but despair, because the envy of the envious cannot change the judgments of Allah. Every human being is a combination of some virtues and some vices. It is a positive and constructive activity to try to correct the shortcomings of one’s character and temperament, but if instead of correcting one’s own shortcomings, one begins to burn on the abilities and strengths of others, it becomes a prelude to jealousy. Feelings of inferiority plague his life and the lives of others. He does not look at his own abilities and virtues. He looks at others all the time. He complains to Allah and becomes jealous.

Jealousy is an evil that has been going on since the beginning of the universe. Another great example of jealousy is the Joseph brothers. Hazrat Yusuf was the star in the eyes of his father Hazrat Yaqub because of his excellent habits, high character and unparalleled beauty. The brothers hated their father’s love for Joseph and planned to kill Joseph, which they later changed on the advice of their elder brother. They were content to throw Joseph into the well, but Despite this, he could not become the apple of his father’s eye, nor could he reach the place of Yusuf. Nothing could spoil them, but it was for these reasons that Allah exalted Joseph to prophethood and kingship.

Due to this jealousy, the Jews carried out several assassination attempts on the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He refused to accept the Qur’an as a revelation, objected to the religion of Islam, tried to create doubts and suspicions and treated the people of Islam cruelly. The People of the Book are still burning with jealousy and will continue to burn. The self-imposed claim of virtue and superiority has overwhelmed them.

Jealousy is not a single disease, but many spiritual diseases come together in the form of jealousy, so its disadvantages are many and they have a great impact on our religion, this world and the hereafter, personality and society. Create feelings of jealousy in our hearts for people instead of jealousy. (Amen)

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